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Thousands of companies around the world rely on a contact centre operation to answer customer calls or to sell to customers. Contact centres provide organizations with an effective and convenient way to solve customer problems or address their needs. Contact Centre unit is involved in providing information sought by the customers, answer queries related to the product, registers requests, grievances and feedback with unique tracking numbers for each interaction. The contact centre unit supports investors via multiple channels namely - IVR, Voice / Calling, Emails and Chat. An advanced IVR resolves 30% of the queries by being a super gate keeper round the clock and enhances the customer experience. Outbound calling for sharing scheme information, service request status and lead management. Solicit investor feedback (CSAT) via automated systems to enhance the quality of service being offered.


360 Degree Customer

SIP Reminders

Multi - lingual Options (Hindi,
English and others)

Advanced IVR Support

Compliance (AMFI, SEBI,



We use OMNI tool - An unique CRM application allowing functionalities to be placed in a single application catering to customer service.
It supports In and Outbound Calling and Email Management.

  • Get Virtual support for your
    investments through our customer
    experience team
  • Contact us through Voice-call,
    E-mail, Web Forms or Chat
  • Every transaction executed is secure,
    transparent and tangible in the domain
    of financial services
  • Enriching AMC's business via
    customer interaction
  • Our service ideology and business
    ethics are continually monitored by
    the investors through C-Sat score
  • We manage every activity as per the
    guidelines of the governing bodies
    like SEBI, PFRDA
  • Omni-channel customer experience
  • Accessible by Investors, Brokers, Branch
    offices and DPs
  • Sophisticated Applications like EQRS,
    C-Client, KARISMA, COSMIC, K-Bolt and
  • Provides support in Hindi, English
    and other regional languages
  • Transaction history is available in a
    structured manner
  • Quick & easy login access to KARISMA & KFintech's MFS portal