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Designed for asset managers, encompassing unit holders register maintenance and transaction records of institutional and retail investors.

Technology Coupled Solutions That


KFintech provides secure and scalable solutions for asset managers, leveraging experience in platform- based services and the capability of a seamless transition for all asset classes including EPF, ETF, PRS, and Cash products. We are passionate about supporting and enhancing these relationships for our clients, fostering trust and a sense of security. Our robust investor due diligence process ensures strict compliance with AML regulations, empowering you to confidently navigate the financial landscape and build lasting connections with your investors.

Empowering Investor Transparency


KFintech offers platform-based services by migrating the clients on the proprietary platform and localizing the same based on the client’s business requirements. We prioritize your investors' need for transparency through secure cloud-based portals. With our cutting-edge technology, investors gain peace of mind knowing they can access their information anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Strengthen your investor relationships with our innovative solutions, building trust and convenience at every step of their investment journey.

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Our Services

We offer top-notch transfer agency services tailored to your unique investment needs. Our expert teams possess in-depth knowledge of the funds industry and local regulatory frameworks, ensuring efficient management of various fund structures and asset classes.

AML screening to ensure compliance with money laundering regulations.

Maintenance of investor registers and static data for operational efficiency.

Secure investor portal for distributing statements and fund information.

Tailored investor reporting for personalized insights.

Efficient processing of subscriptions, redemptions, and transfers.

Handling investor capital activity and partners' capital accounts.

Distribution of investor communications as required.

24/7 secure web-based data room for easy access.

Smooth processing of investor transfers.

Daily shareholder cash management services.

Set-up and maintenance of institutional and retail investors.

Compliance services for privacy, AML, and Rule 22C(2).

Compliance services for Privacy, AML, and Rule 22C(2).


We revolutionize daily investment management tasks through our connected technology solutions. Our solutions empower effortless distribution of secure notices, financial statements, and investor reports. With dynamic reporting and data rooms for fund raising, we elevate transparency and efficiency, empowering our clients to build strong investor relationships.

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