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Ensuring smooth and efficient transactions by enabling seamless integrations for order processing and investor fulfillment.

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We are passionate about supporting and enhancing relationships between investors and asset managers, fostering trust and security. Our robust investor due diligence process ensures strict compliance with AML regulations, providing you with the confidence to navigate the financial landscape and build lasting connections with your investors.

Seamless Integrations For


KFintech excels at managing Distributor Transfer Agency (DTA) services for institutional nominee advisors. Our platform handles both investor level and nominee level records under respective fund houses, ensuring efficient order processing, trade order instructions, and confirmations with fund houses. With seamless auto-reconciliation between Investor Registry and Nominees Book, along with reconciliation of Unit Holding with Asset Manager, we enable streamlined integrations with stakeholders for order processing and Investor fulfillment.

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Our Services

We offer seamless integrations, enhanced investor relations, and unparalleled investment management solutions. Let our technology coupled services drive your success; key features include but not limited to:

Order processing

Trade order instructions

Confirmations with respective fund houses

Seamless auto reconciliation between Investor Registry & Nominees Book

Reconciliation of Unit Holding with Asset Manager

Empowering Investor Transparency


Transparency is key to strong investor relationships. Our cutting-edge technology offers secure cloud-based portals, giving investors peace of mind as they access their information anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Strengthen your investor connections with our innovative solutions, providing trust and convenience throughout their investment journey.

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