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KFintech aims to excel in client relation management, order, and trade management, customer portal, investment planning, portfolio management services, and revenue and expense management.

Simplifying Wealth Management


As wealth management becomes more intricate, especially in monitoring multi-asset, multi-manager, and multi-jurisdictional portfolios, KFintech's next-generation wealth-tech solutions decode data complexities. We offer hassle-free investor and distributor experiences, driving growth for all. KFintech's wealth platform, in sync with back-office solutions, offers a cohesive suite catering to front, middle, and back-office needs. Wealth managers and investors find integrated solutions that streamline operations.

Superior Wealth Management With


Experience superior and personalized reporting, comparing individual and family portfolios, including 'Held Away' assets. Our integration with leading global and local data providers, stock exchanges, custodians, banks, and R&TAs elevates wealth management. Our wealth solutions go beyond the basic aggregator model and simplify your implementation process, mixing & matching wealth solutions based on specific business needs and value chain.

Know How Wealth Manager Benefit with KFintech

Our Services

Our scalable system for growth, hyper-personalization, and trend insights helps optimize cost, maximize efficiency, and enhance user experience:

Client Relation Management

Our dedicated team ensures personalized support and prompt responses to address your needs effectively.

Order and Trade Management

With our technology and seamless integration, order and trade management processes are quick and hassle-free.

Customer Portal: Our user-friendly

customer portal provides easy access to your investment information, allowing you to track performance and manage your portfolio with convenience.

Investment Planning

Our solutions help advisors to provide their clients with comprehensive investment planning solutions tailored to their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Portfolio Management Services

Our wide range of portfolio management services allow wealth managers to optimize investment strategies and achieve financial objectives.

Revenue and Expense Management

Our robust system ensures accurate and transparent tracking of your financial transactions, giving better financial insights.

All In One Solution


KFintech’s all-in-one PWM solution brings a digital revolution in wealth management & financial planning. We offer enhanced reporting functionalities, 360-degree client view, risk profiling, financial calculators, tax reports, and more. With user-defined analysis and trend insights, you can minimize costs, maximize efficiency, and provide hyper-personalized services. Our scalable platforms handle growth effortlessly, covering diverse asset classes like direct equity, mutual funds, alternatives, and more.

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