About Us

KFintech serves the mission-critical needs of asset managers with clients spanning mutual funds, AIFs (alternative investments), pension, wealth managers and corporates in India and abroad. The company provides SaaS based end-to-end transaction management, channel management, compliance solutions, data analytics and various other digital services to asset managers across segments, as well as outsourcing services for global players.

Our story in numbers

27 AMCs

KFin services 27 of 46 Indian Mutual Fund AMCs

#1 Issuer Services

We are #1 Corporate registrar in India serving nearly 600 listed and 3000+ unlisted corporates

#1 RTA in SEA

emerged as the transaction processing platform of choice in South East Asia 23 Mutual funds & pension manager clients in Malaysia

1 of the 2 CRAs in India

KFin is one of the two players providing central recordkeeping services for the National Pension System in India

13 Lakh CR

Rs 13 lac crores of AUM
& processes over 10 lac transactions each day

13 CR Folios

KFin services over 13 Crore Folios whilst being the backbone to the investor

300 AIFs

serving over 300 AIF schemes launched by 100+ fund managers

30 Years

Issuer and intermediary ecosystem in India for nearly 30 years.

More About us

KFin is a one of its kind digital platform excelling in hyperscale transaction management, big data solutioning, transformative platforming, pureplay financial and technical services built on proven tech expertise in the asset management industry.

KFin is expanding in insurance transaction processing and fund administration

KFin is a Great Place to Work CertifiedTM organisation for the last two years (2020 and 2021)

KFin has proven tech expertise in the wealth management space and renders platform build, revenue assurance and operations support for several private wealth managers.

KFin is also the mortgage Centre of Excellence for the world’s largest Registrar and mortgage management company handling lacs of transactions every year.

KFin has become the de-facto choice for new AMCs, AIFs and Corporates, having been chosen as the partner for 15 of 20 newly launched AMCs and several large IPOs.

Techfin + ‘zero ops’ model

At KFintech, our vision is to be the trusted technology partner to all financial service providers. As we expand our business to newer geographies and asset classes, we aim to provide end-to-end tech services to all types of financial institutions.

Our Values.

KFin’s core values are designed and internalized to shape the culture and define the character of our organization. Our converging set of core values is our north star guiding how we act and how we make decisions. We are, forever, committed to the cause and always act with integrity and in compliance with the law. The values that signify KFin’s unwavering commitment to all its stakeholders.


Client Success
Deliver to Delight


Respect for People
Value and Celebrate individuality and togetherness


Innovate and be exceptional
Challenge the paradigm


Will and Skill to win
Foster the culture to Win and Wanting to Win


Lead with integrity and live by compliance
Think and Act based on values


Unhinged Accountability
We are that passionate


Evolve, on demand
Nimble and fluid, stay ahead of the game


Mr. M. V. Nair

Director & Chairman of the Board

Member – Business Development & Strategy Committee (BDSC) and Stakeholder Relationship Committee (SRC)

Mr. Sreekanth Nadella

Managing Director and CEO

Member – Business Development & Strategy Committee (BDSC), IT Strategy Committee (ITSC) and Stakeholder Relationship Committee (SRC)

Mr. Sandeep Achyuth  Naik

Non-Executive Nominee Director

Member – IT Strategy Committee (ITSC), Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSRC) and Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC)

Mr. Shantanu Rastogi

Non-Executive Nominee Director

Chairperson – Business Development & Strategy Committee (BDSC)

Member – Audit Committee (ITSC)

Mr. Srinivas Peddada

Non-Executive Nominee Director

Chairperson – IT Strategy Committee (ITSC)

Member – Business Development & Strategy Committee (BDSC)

Mr. Prashant Saran

Independent Director

Chairperson – Stakeholder Relationship Committee (SRC) and Risk Management Committee (RMC)

Member – Audit Committee and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSRC)

Ms. Sonu Bhasin

Independent Director

Chairperson – Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC) and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSRC)

Member – Audit Committee

Mr. Kaushik Mazumdar

Independent Director

Chairperson – Audit Committee

Member – IT Strategy Committee (ITSC), Nomination & Remuneration Committee (NRC) and Risk Management Committee (RMC)


Nominee Non-Executive Director


CMO Asia

Business Leader of the Year

CMO Asia

Fintech Company of the Year

Asia One

Asia’s Greatest Brands of the Year – 2021

Asia One

Global Asian of the Year 2021

Herald Global

Prestigious Rising Brands of India
– Finance & Technology

All India Achievers Foundation (AIAF)

Outstanding Achievement award
for business excellence 2021

Indian Economic Development &
Research Association(IEDRA)

Leading Emerging Entrepreneur 2021-22

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