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A Complete Stamp Duty Toolkit to Simplify Your Fund Management.

Our team handles all the stamp duty-related tasks for you. We collect duty on the sale, transfer, and issue of units for AIF. Moreover, we deposit the stamp duty for these transactions in the respective state treasury. We also prepare and submit periodical returns for your AIF.


Secure and Simple Stamp Duty Services

Submission of Returns

Prepare and submit return for stamp duty collected in the prescribed format (including details of defaulters) on monthly basis within seven days of the succeeding month.

Stamp Duty Deposit

Deposit of stamp duty within three months or the end of each month (as per prevalent rules and regulations laid down) to the designated State Government authority accounts.

Annual Returns

Prepare and submit the return for stamp duty collected during a financial year, on or before June 30th of the following financial year.

Applicable Transactions

Collection of stamp duty on sale, transfer and issue of unitsof AIF.

360-degree stamp duty services for your AIF

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Free Stamp Duty Calculator

We have a free stamp duty calculator for the ease of the investors.

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The above calculator is only to enable quick and easy access to calculate estimated stamp duty and does not purport to give correct stamp duty calculation in all circumstances. It is advised that for payment of stamp duty, the exact calculation may be made as per the provisions contained in the relevant Acts, Rules, etc. KFintech shall not be held responsible for any kinds of claims, losses arising out of the use of the calculated stamp duty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The amended provisions of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 brought through Finance Act, 2019 and Rules made thereunder shall come into force w.e.f 1st July 2020
The stamp-duty on sale of securities, transfer of securities and issue of securities shall be collected on behalf of the State Government by the Stock Exchange or Clearing Corporation authorized or Depositories (authorized collecting agents). The Central Government has also notified the Clearing Corporation of India Limited (CCIL) and the Registrars to Issue and / or Share Transfer Agents to act as collecting agents.
The collecting agents shall within three weeks of the end of each month and in accordance with the Rules made in this behalf by the Central Government, transfer the stamp-duty collected to the State Government where the residence of the buyer is located and in case the buyer is located outside India, to the State Government having the registered office of the trading member or broker of such buyer and in case where there is no such trading member of the buyer, to the State Government having the registered office of the participant.

The collecting agent shall transfer the collected stamp-duty in the account of concerned State Government with the Reserve Bank of India or any scheduled commercial bank, as informed to the collecting agent by the Reserve Bank of India or the concerned State Government.
The collecting agent shall submit a return of stamp-duty collected on various transactions to the State Government including details of defaulters in the prescribed format on a monthly basis to be furnished manually or electronically within seven days of the succeeding month. Further, the collecting agent shall furnish a consolidated return of stamp-duty collected during a financial year manually or electronically on or before the 30th June immediately following that financial year to the concerned State Government and the Accountant General of each State.

The State Government may provide an online facility by which a collecting agent shall upload State wise monthly and yearly returns. Further, if a collecting agent fails to submit details of transactions to the Government or submits a document or makes a declaration which is false or which such person knows or believes to be false, shall be punishable with fine of one lakh rupees for each day during which such failure continues or one crore rupees, whichever is less
Stamp duty is imposed on the value of units excluding other charges like service charge, AIF fee, GST etc. If the units are issued for Rs.1 crore then Rs.500 would be the stamp duty to be remitted to States.
  • Stamp duty will be calculated @ 0.005% on net investment value by rounding off the value up to two decimal values (i.e. up to the value of Re 0.01, stamp duty will be charged).
  • As per the guidelines, this will be calculated on the inclusive method using the below formula:
  • ((100/100.005)*0.005)/100 leading to the multiplier value of 0.0000499975001249938. Accordingly, for Rs. 1 crore investment a stamp duty of Rs. 499.98 by rounding off to two decimals would be applicable.
  • Net investment value refers to Gross investment value less transaction charges, or other applicable deductions
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