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Integrated AIF Management Platform

India’s 1st homegrown RTA and Investor Servicing Platform

Navigate AIF Complexities With

Integrated Fund Administration Platform

XAlt is a first-of-its-kind fund admin platform. Over the last decade, AIFs in India have witnessed a 580x growth. As asset managers, the need for an integrated fund administration platform designed exclusively for Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) in India is more than ever. To equip AIF managers with the right tools to join the unprecedented growth of AIFs, XAlt emerges as a transformative solution.

A Single Platform for

Seamless Fund Operations & Compliance

XAlt is an integrated solution that simplifies and streamlines fund administration, addressing the needs of investors, fund managers, and distributors. Thus, making it easier for fund managers and investors to navigate the complexities of AIFs. XAlt is reinforced with mPower, our in-house fund accounting platform, thereby offering a seamless experience in handling investor services and fund accounting services. This integration further enhances operational efficiency, boosting user experience.

Elevate AIF management with XAlt’s RTA and Investor Servicing capabilities.

Leverage Industry-First Integration of

AIF Administrative Functions

XAlt, a unique Fully Integrated Platform, distinguishes itself through a myriad set of features, setting new standards in the realm of alternative investment administration.

XAlt redefines fund administration, providing unmatched sophistication and integration. Some industry first and key differentiators are:

  • Integrated fund admin platform for AIFs.

  • One-stop solution for fund operations, accounting, onboarding, APIs, and portals.

  • Multi-currency, multilingual, and multi-asset model for various fund categories.

  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines and latest market regulations.

  • Robust due diligence and risk assessment with maker, checker, and reviewer layers.

  • Centralized platform for security, flexibility, and privacy.

Break from Legacy Systems

With API Compatibility, Scalability, and Flexibility

XAlt is a pioneering platform for AIFs that transcends rigid configurations, unlocking agility with dynamic product customization. With XAlt, you can embrace the API-driven future with our open architecture, fostering seamless collaboration within your ecosystem. You can easily navigate the evolving regulatory terrain with confidence as XAlt empowers compliance across complex processes.

Leave legacy systems behind and elevate your AIF management with XAlt.

User-Friendly and Modern

Everything that Your AIF Needs

XAlt signifies our commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the growing demands of investors, fund managers, and distributors in the rapidly expanding AIF market in India. With DIY approaches and digital experiences for various stakeholders, XAlt’s user-friendly build boosts efficiency. XAlt sets a new standard in the AIF fund administration space, advancing on innovation and modernization with regular updates, cutting-edge technology, advanced rules systems, and flexible configurations.

Role-Based Access

Control data and access with role-based logins.

Precise Data Validation

Validate data with the Maker-Checker concept and system validation.

Auditor Involvement

Integrate auditors seamlessly into the value chain.

Secured Transactions

Handle high volumes securely under secured transaction protocols.

Highly Secure

Regulatory and compliance checks with standards like OAuth 2.0 and OWASP protocols.

Audit Trails

Track historical data changes with historization and audit trails.

Increase Efficiency and Efficacy

By Harnessing Technology at Command

The high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), ultra-HNIs, and foreign investors are expected to grow in India. XAlt is built to significantly impact asset management in the growth of the AIF sector. Built with a focus on future-readiness and technology, it demystifies complex processes for fund managers and investors, encouraging more efficient and secure fund administration.

10X Faster Onboarding Than Physical

2X Faster AIF Configuration

100% Automated Distribution & Commission Processing

Persona based portals such as Investor Portal/Distributor Portal/AIF Portal

Daily AML/PMLA Screening to Identify Anomalies

Complete Virtualization/Tokenization for Ultra HNI Investors

Witness boosted efficiency with a new era of AIF management.